10 Years of TAFS

Supporting Trucking’s Noble Purpose

Business is a collaborative effort. It is not a faceless entity, but a group of people working towards a common goal. For the past 10 years, our goal at TAFS has been simple. We want to help trucking companies like yours to succeed and grow.

The Importance of Your Business

According to the ATA, the trucking industry hauls 70% of all American freight, which makes your trucking business an essential part of everyone’s lives. The hours your drivers spend on the road ensures America continues to have access to food, water, medicine, and fuel. Without you, America stops. You have chosen an awesome responsibility and we thank you for it. Furthermore, our people at TAFS want to help.

How TAFS Works for You

As our TAFS family grew over the last decade, one thing became very clear: the trucking industry is more than just freight, so our factoring company needed to be more than just factoring. Trucking includes tires, fuel, and maintenance. It runs nights and weekends. Your trucking company works hard and your factoring partner should too. We do not want you to settle for anything less than the things you deserve: Fast Advancing, Strong Relationships, and Advantageous Benefits.

Fast Advancing

After delivering a load, when do you need your money – in an hour, by the end of the day? Do your needs change simply because it is a weekend? Of course not! Traditional factors keep bank hours and only offer advancing Monday-Friday. This does not help you if you are waiting at a truck stop for fuel money or stranded on the side of the road in need of maintenance. Trucking is a 365-day business. With TAFS, so is your factoring company. Over the years, we saw the industry’s need for a factoring company that can keep up with trucking businesses. As a result, we are now open 365 days a year. Need cash fast? We also offer 1-hour advancing, making waiting outdated. We are here when you need us.

Strong Relationships

What you do is important. As one of America’s providers, you deserve a business partner, not a call center. With 10 years of experience in the trucking industry, TAFS is a dedicated partner well-versed in your business’s industry and knowledgeable in the services and products that will help your business grow. With TAFS, clients get a premeir customer service team who listen and support their success. This is what we mean by “strong relationships”. TAFS is in your corner.

Advantageous Benefits

Successful businesses evolve and adapt. With 10 years of experience, we have put in the time to learn what best serves our clients in the trucking industry. As our clients grow and succeed, TAFS works diligently to provide products to keep up with their demand. Our truck financing and business loan programs allow clients to expand their operations. Discounts on tires, fuel, and maintenance keep those new (and older) investments rolling down the road. Do not let needed capital slip through your fingers because of a bad deal. Partner with TAFS. Our innovative products can provide you with the best discounts and services for your business.

Your business is important. Your team work hard to provide services for the American public. You deserve an experienced factoring team dedicated to serving you.