Industries We Factor.

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Do you have accounts receivable? Factoring is the best cash solution.

There are many different types of businesses that can benefit from factoring. Choosing the correct partner for your business is an important decision. TAFS doesn’t just do factoring. We also help your business grow and maximize profits through a true consultant approach. With TAFS you will have a true relationship with a knowledgeable professional that cares about your business.  Do you think your business could benefit from our services? Give us a call or fill out a quick quote form to find out!

  • Apparel manufacturers

  • IT Services

  • Auto parts suppliers

  • Jewelry manufacturers

  • Auto body repair shops

  • Landscaping firms

  • Coffee and tea processors

  • Liquor distributors

  • Commercial Cleaning Firms

  • Machine shops

  • Commercial laundry servies

  • Market research firms

  • Construction firms

  • Pet Suppliers distributors

  • Construction job-site services

  • Pharmacists

  • Engineering design firms