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This is the BEST business decision I have made for my trucking company! My relationship specialist has been so helpful in my success with getting my invoices paid and keeping me on the road moving. I feel like TAFS is a part of my team, NOT a controlling partner. I recommend TAFS to all Owner/Operators I meet on the road and tell them how I am so satisfied with the way they help me run my business. No worries about unpaid invoices and collecting money. They take care of me so I can worry about driving!

Todd N. , Owner/Operator

I started with TAFS several years ago and it has been a good fit for my company. They have been more than a factoring company to me. Michaela has been great to work with and has definitely worked with me through some problems that other factoring [companies] would have looked the other way. Manish has definitely helped my company out on how TAFS can help our company expand, they are more than a factoring company and the best fit for us.

Eric N., Owner/Operator

TAFS is a good factoring company, easy to talk to and easy to work with. We have a really good working relationship with them. Ever since we started working with them 7 years ago, we have had nothing but excellent customer service. Our representative goes out of his way to really understand our business and help us whenever we have questions about different things.

Juan G., Owner/Operator
Why Trucking Insurance is Importance

Why Trucking Insurance is Important

Insurance is a trucking company’s backbone. The FMCSA requires proof of liability insurance for your Operating Authority/MC Number application. Most shippers and dispatchers will not book your company for loads without proof of insurance. Essentially, without an insurance policy, your company cannot move. Learn more…

You want to be a trucking entrepreneur? There are a few steps you need to make before getting on the road.

Becoming A Trucking Entrepreneur

Congratulations on your decision to become a trucking business entrepreneur! You have the goal, now it is time for action. Here are a few of the basics you will need when starting on your business journey…

TAFS: A Culture of Cooperation

TAFS is built on a culture of cooperation. Every month the entire team gathers in the lobby to recognize and celebrate each department within the company. We do this as a constant reminder that no one department can succeed without the others. Learn more…

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